Into the Outwoods residency… day 1

20th February. I have been walking round the woods for many months thinking about what work I would like to put in the Sculpture trail in April. This focussed time making ephemeral work in the woods has been very valuable. I would like these pieces to feed into my ideas, so my work for the trail will be inspired by the Outwoods as well as being informed by my previous work.

I have made work from leaves before, and it was good to work in that way again. I had thought about creating a spiral, but circles seemed right for the space, like the rings of a tree, ripples of time expanding out….. 2 kids appeared and carefully trod over the leaves and walked round each circle, it was good to see this interaction. Hopefully I can make more to appear and disappear during the trail when there are more people around.

Managed a few experiments with twigs, walking, looking and thinking, seeing more and more and working with what I saw and found. It was good to use what was already there. I hope I can make work that will draw attention to different spaces and encourage people to see the woods in a new way.

After being in the woods I spent some time working in clay. I have had ideas of making lots of small pieces that people could carry round the woods, like pebbles, but as I made them they became more like small ‘Cracked Earth’s, symbolic of the damage being done to the Earth. I thought it would be good if people could contemplate as they held a small sphere and walked round the wood. Someone pointed out that they might get thrown as much as carried around, so I’ll put that on hold for now! I might just take them to the woods to photograph, and contemplate their meaning.

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