Into the Outwoods Residency….Day 5

11th March…today my starting point was the fragments of decaying tree trunk, fragments marking the timescale of a long forgotten tree.

In the past I made this piece ‘Out of Time’ . On the clock faces were the words “Make Time, Save Time, While Time Lasts, All Time is no Time, When Time is Past’ These words I saw on a sun dial at Staunton Country Park in Havent near Southampton while I was doing an Artist Residency there.

Out of Time

Circles become ripples of time….the marking of the lifetime of a tree……I found an area of pine cones and in a meditative state created circle after circle. each one taking longer with increasing perspectives on the woodland around me. Creating order out of chaos but aware that in time all will be returned to as it was. I hope to be able to repeat this during the 6 weeks of the trail, maybe reordering and adding circles over time.

Putting white oak leaves in the fragile tree stump to give a sense of returning back to the earth…of the blurring of boundaries between inner and outer, of what was and what will be. As I work I have many thoughts and ideas, many of them beyond my words.

A line marked on the ground with a stick……I liked it, but is it imposing too much of human activity on nature? I don’t know why but it felt more like that then rearranging in other ways, maybe because it is very much like writing…….I don’t really know.

I painted this several years ago, and walking in the woods I had seen a dead tree to make a willow one round. I had planned to do that as part of my residency. Walking today it wasn’t there, only a hole in the ground……do I leave that idea on hold, or find another place to make it?

Making circles on the ground on a steep path, echoing and thinking about what I had planned to make, as well as echoing the space where a tree had once stood tall.

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