Into the outwoods residency… 6

19th March. After working in quiet areas off the main routes I started working in an area that will be part of the Sculpture Trail. It was important to have that quiet thinking time to become more in tune with the rhythms of the woods. I started looking to see what materials I could use, and all around was a covering of fine twigs. As I collected them they seemed a perfect material to see what was possible. Initially I wanted to make a circle or nest, but I found that I could hang the ‘rope’ of twigs from a branch, leading me to follow the contours of the moss covered tree.

There was a variety of colours in the oak leaves on the ground, some were particularly pale, and I used these to contrast with the dark twigs.

It was tricky to suspend the twigs without the whole strand falling apart, but it was possible. I liked the circle of leaves, and the way there are lots of different possibilities as I photographed the work.

Joining the strands into circles and then a sphere, this worked well small, but became more unmanageable as I tried to to make anything bigger. It would be good to use natural materials from the wood to make work that echoes the willow work that I will exhibit on the Trail, ephemeral pieces to exist for a short time alongside the more permanent exhibits.

Balancing on the fine branches of the beech, and eventually joining to what I had made earlier. This whole piece lasted far longer than I thought it would in a very busy part of the woods.

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