Cornwall retreat 2019 Land art

I would’ve been setting off for Cornwall tomorrow, sadly not to be this year. I’ve been looking through what I made and collected last year, and will see if I can manage some kind of lockdown retreat. I thought I would carry on with ideas developed last year, but arriving back last year to the Outwoods Trail, there wasn’t time for that quiet contemplation in the same way for a while. The drawings, bags of found objects and sketches lay almost forgotten. Good to be reminded of them now.

Standing by the waters edge, watching the waves and the seaweed moving in the water, and like lines in the sand………made a drawing of my own before the waves changed them into something else.

Land art inspired by the adder I watched on the edge of the beach. using the very snake like seaweed. I worked in the same place, a fresh canvas as the past is cleared away ready for new work. There is no waste and lots of time to think in this ever changing landscape with the changing tides.

The serpent echoed waves, as did seaweed echoing my sketches of the waves at Mevagissey harbour.

The seaweed dried over night, keeping their curve and becoming the material for the next piece.

Adding pebbles gave me time to think…this piece became related to my ‘Unity of Time’…looking to the past and the future while rooted in the present. Thinking about ripples of time and skeleton leaf boats made in the past…… ideas and symbols combining to become something new….time slowed down and I could live in the present.

Drawing with water became a shorter cycle of time.

Even on a quite beach in Cornwall I found fragments of plastic. In the future will people collect sea plastic like we do sea glass. A particularly beautiful piece did feel like treasure. I found some sea glass, as well as just glass which certainly didn’t seem like treasure.

Using sea rope around a sphere brought from home.

Collected white stones for my circle, a meditation choosing and carrying stones to nearer the waters edge while listening to the sounds of nature.

I played with my shadow.

The incoming tide soon changed everything as it covered the landscape again…..I walked around the circle as the water level rose until finally there was only sea.

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