Into the Outwoods Sculpture Trail

As stone turns to sand and sand turns to stone with the passing of time, so our world is in a constant state of flux and renewal. I hope my work is an echo of this. Through working with willow and natural materials I have become ever more aware of the cycles of change within the natural flow of the world around me.

Keeper of the woods welcoming visitors as they walked round the Sculpture Trail.

Keeper of the woods

Earth energy personified.

Spirit of the woods

In our cycle of decay and transformation old bones become new shoots, symbolic of healing in our chaotic world. Walk into the space of stillness within, walking through or crossing over, this can be our renewal.

Taking Root

Aspire-rooted in the Earth, reaching for the stars.

Circle of Renewal
Open Cycle
Gaurdian Angel

Changing world, Technology: is it taking over or making the world a better place, willow, electrical cable and plastic.

Changing World

Tree spheres swaying and spinning in harmony with nature.

Tree spheres

Looking to the future and the past while being firmly rooted in the present. Twisted hazel and found materials.

Unity of Time

At one with nature and seeing from a different perspective, there were 43 little tree people living in the trees along the trail. Ceramic.

Tree person

Willow ‘Earth’ made during the trail for the Sculpture in the woods workshop day. People wrote messages of hope and healing for the Earth. These were tied inside, symbolically roots to help heal the Earth, and act as prayer flags, taking these messages to the 4 corners of the world.